Customizing new Firefox

A few days ago a new version of Firefox was released. It was advertised as a big change, which makes Firefox so faster they changed the name to “Firefox Quantum”. Is that true? Is the new Firefox all shiny and cool? Maybe. But one big thing that changed is that they moved to WebExtensions API only. It means that now all your addons that weren’t ported to the new format won’t work. Due to that I was very resistant to upgrading to Firefox 57 thinking I’ll stay on 56 for ever.

Labels finished; converting to managers; 0.2 release

Hello. I’m back with the promised continuation of the Labels post. And in this one, I will write about the remaining labels implementation and some refactoring I’ve done. I’ve also changed some dialogs code and added a new one.

There it is!

There it is! The final day of the Get Noticed! contest! I decided to write a summary.


Hello. After 2 weeks of break, I’m back with a new post! In this one, I’ll show you my latest efforts with implementing labels managing - deleting + navigating. And of course, probably the most important - coloring them.

Dynamic bottom bar

Hello. Today’s post will be about the bottom bar. This bar contains references for all key bindings. But some of them are only available in specific views - like ctrl+s in the card editor. Other than that, I’ll tell you something about 2 tasks I’ve done lately.

Card editing continued, selecting card by number

Hello. Today I will continue topic from the previous post. I’ll show you new key bindings in the card editor, implementing another go-trello methods. And at the end, I’ll show you new feature I’ve recently implemented.

Card editing, JIT bug fixing

Hello. As the title says, this post will be about implementing card editing. And by card editing I mean changing card name, description, managing card labels, writing comments, adding checklists etc. Basically everything, that you can do with a card, when you click on it in Trello. But before that, I have a little story for you about another bug.

Fixing card moving, adding cards caching

Hi you! As I promised in the previous post, today I’ll refactor (actually - rewrite) card moving feature. I’ll also add cards caching to the List struct in go-trello. After that, I’ll have to adjust some Trego features to take advantage of caching, which will hopefully result in less http requests to Trello.

List moving

Hello. Since I’ve already implemented card moving, today’s the time to implement list moving! I’ve also finally finally updated README file and shortcuts on the bottom bar. For now, README describes how to build project and contains section about creating token.json file. I hope, that now you should be able to try Trego on your own computer. If something is unclear or doesn’t work, let me know!

Card moving within list

Hello. Today, I’ll implement a “cart moving within a list” feature, but before I get to that, let’s have a look at a refactor that helped resolve a name conflict between Trello’s cards